Family Spring Schedule and Events

The family’s been gearing up for an intensive Spring.  We all cherished this last Fall because we had very little going on and knew that it was just a respire. Now everyone’s excited (and a little scared) about upcoming events.


Derek’s primary items this Spring are:

  • baseball – tournaments every other weekend starting 3/14, practices Mon/Wed
  • School of Rock – lessons and band practices on Wed
  • Math & Science team – Saturday meets until mid April, state competition in May


  • softball – practice every day, games mostly on Fridays
  • Softball tournaments 2/13-2/15 and 2/19-21
  • UIL Solo and Ensemble competition 2/14
  • Annie rehearsals – evenings
  • Annie performances: 4/23-26 (Lauren in 4 songs)

If you’re interested in attending any of these items, let me know and I’ll give you more detailed schedule info.

My Sports Rule Changes for 2013

  • Football: Eliminate pass interference as a penalty. If you’re man enough to catch a ball while people are knocking you all over the field, then you’ve got my attention. As it is now, football has become a crapshoot and frankly, boring
  • Football: Remove all pads and helmets.
  • Baseball: Eliminate the Home Run. Hit it out of the park and you’re out. Runners return to bases.
  • Hockey: Eliminate offsides.
  • Basketball: Move the goal up to 13′. Allow each player only 2 fouls before they are out of the game.
  • Soccer: Eliminate fouls. Man up.
  • Soccer: Any player who lays on the ground for more than :30 shall be removed from the game permanently. Man up.

There. I’m sure all League Commissioners will come running to my door for further advice on rule changes for 2014 🙂