Health Log

For Towanda…

Monday 1/26

6am banana
6:30am Towanda workout
8am 3 egg veggie omelette, coffee w/ milk splenda, grapefruit
1pm homemade tuna salad sandwich on tortilla — tuna, lt mayo, grapes, celery, tomato
4pm 4 oz chicken tortilla soup
6:30pm Potbelly wreck sandwich on flat bread ~450 cal, 24 oz iced tea
60 oz water

Tuesday 1/27

6:30am 30 min elliptical
8am 3 egg veggie and ham omelette, bowl of mixed fruit
11:45am 2 handfuls popcorn
1pm Thai Chili Rock Shrimp (12-15 small) piece of bread, 24 oz iced tea
4pm 1 stalk celery with peanut butter
7pm salad and 3 pieces of pepperoni Cici’s pizza (school fund-raiser), 12 oz tea
60 oz water

Wednesday 1/28

6am banana
6:45am Yogilattes
8am 2 whataburger egg/bacon taquitos, coffee
12pm a Mendez brisket torta with lettuce tomato cilantro onion (french bread roll), 24 oz tea
4pm grapefruit, cutie orange, powerbar
7pm beef kilbasa (6 oz) and vegetable mix
60 oz water

Thursday 1/29

6:30am workout with Towanda
9:30am 3 egg beggie/ham omelette, half order hash browns, coffee
1:30pm Sushi Roll (salmon, tuna, crab, avocado) 24 oz iced tea
4:30pm Chipolte barbacoa tacos (3) meat beans avocado, 12 oz iced tea
60 oz water

Friday 1/30

8:30am 3 eggs, bacon, bowl of fruit, coffee
1pm Pad Kee Mow pork w/ veggies (laid off some of the noodles), 24 oz iced tea
7pm Spinach salad w grilled chicken, 24 oz tea
36 oz water

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