IE Compatibility settings, or just old IE?

As a follow up to yesterday’s rant on IE compatibility settings, sometimes you forget the simple things.  In this case, while processing form submits with jQuery, the code was setup to prevent default form submission with:


…something that wasn’t available to us in earlier versions of IE.  If it had been written in a jQuery friendly way, such as

$('#myForm').submit (function(e) {

then it would have been under jQuery’s control and handled as a jQuery normalized event.

Sorry for taking my frustration out on you IE…old biases die hard.

IE Compatibility View Settings and X-UA-Compatible meta tag

I used to hate IE with a passion.  Developing web apps for it was just a major pain in the ass. And then it didn’t bother me so much and the developer tools built into the browser finally made it a tolerable environment for building things.  It also helped that all the JS frameworks figured out how to isolate us from much of the quirks involved.

With the latest project for 1 of our clients, I’m back to “I can’t wait till MS replaces this godawful P-O-S!”  While it’s not entirely fair to current-day IE, it’s because they ever allowed those terrible IE 5 – 8 days to exist that I’m currently being punished.

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