Family Spring Schedule and Events

The family’s been gearing up for an intensive Spring. ¬†We all cherished this last Fall because we had very little going on and knew that it was just a respire. Now everyone’s excited (and a little scared) about upcoming events.


Derek’s primary items this Spring are:

  • baseball – tournaments every other weekend starting 3/14, practices Mon/Wed
  • School of Rock – lessons and band practices on Wed
  • Math & Science team – Saturday meets until mid April, state competition in May


  • softball – practice every day, games mostly on Fridays
  • Softball tournaments 2/13-2/15 and 2/19-21
  • UIL Solo and Ensemble competition 2/14
  • Annie rehearsals – evenings
  • Annie performances: 4/23-26 (Lauren in 4 songs)

If you’re interested in attending any of these items, let me know and I’ll give you more detailed schedule info.

It’s January…must be time to blog again :-)

Yeah, this has happened before, part of that whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing I guess. Well unlike recent years, there’s actually a lot going on that I’d like to write about for a change. So we’ll see…

First off, I’ve started off with a much more dedicated focus to the “get in shape” thing this year. At 48, those feelings of mortality have begun to creep in, and now it’s beginning to feel more like, “you better get on top of this or you’re going to start having life-altering consequences”. Other than a few sick days with bronchitis, I’ve worked out every weekday and significantly changed to a smaller portion, more paelo-style eating regimen. I’m down 15 pounds and 5% BMI for January. Yea! Continue reading