Woodrow whistles way past White in 2-1 win

Wow.  In the weird rules that govern pool play in the Tournament of Champions, it’s a distinct advantage to be the visiting team. Drop-dead time limits mean that the visiting team can actually get an extra inning at bat, so at coin toss, the winner always elects to be the visiting team.  Nowhere was this advantage more evident than in the top of the 4th as WT White came to bat trailing 2-1 with only minutes to play.

With a runner on 3rd, 2 outs, and the game clock showing 00 time remaining, the umpire’s watch must have read a little differently and 1 more batter was allowed to bat.  Deliberate pitch-outs ensued, as a walk effectively would end the game.  The runner at 3rd aggressively lead off after each pitch daring a throw back to 3rd.  Finally, with 3 balls and 1 more outside pitch coming, the batter lunged over the plate and got the end of the bat on the ball sending it to short.  Runner from 3rd scored, and all that was required to end the game as a tie was for the batter to make it to 1st…which she did, barely beating the throw.  However, the umpire ruled that she missed the base, and thus out, and the game was over with Woodrow squeaking out the win.  Whew, nothing to see here, move along, move along 🙂

1 2 3 4 R H E
WT White 1 0 0 0 1 7 3
Woodrow 2 0 0 2 2 2

Yuri – RF
Isabelle H – LF
Nina – C
Aliah – 3B
Elaine – 1B
Mariah – CF
Dori – P
Audrey – SS
Cecilia – 2B

1st inning:

White – Lead off hit up the middle.  Bunt toward first fielded by Elaine and throw to Cecilia at 1st for out 1.  Runner advanced to 2nd. Walk.  Runners at the corners, infield single to 1st base loads bases.  Error at SS scores run.  Bases loaded, strikeout, and then hit to Short, fielders choice at 2nd base to get out of the inning stranding 3 runners.

Woodrow – Lead off single by Yuri by Shortstop.  Error at first catching ball on bunt by Isabelle H. Nina grounder to 2nd, out at 1st and Yuri scores. Allah flies out to SS. Elaine single to right field scoring Isabelle.  Mariah walks. Dori hits into fielder’s choice at short who throws out Elaine at 3rd.

Score after 1st: 1-2

2nd inning:

White – Lead off Homerun to left field turns into an out as runner didn’t touch 2nd base. 9-hole hitter strikes out. Top of the order hits double to left.  Pop up to 1st ends the inning.

Woodrow – Audrey grounds out to 2nd.  Cecilia gets on by error at short.  Yuri pops to SS.

Score after 2nd: 1-2

3rd inning:

White – Pop to 3rd. Double to left center. Error at 2nd base puts runners at corners. Fielders choice SS to 2B. Defensive indifference advances runner to 2nd. Strike out ends the threat.

Woodrow – Isabelle bunts, catching error at 1st advances her to 2nd.  Ground out to 3rd for Nina. Pop to 2nd by Aliah and then Elaine.

Score after 3rd: 1-2

4th inning:

White – Pop up foul on 1st base line fielded by Nina. Ground out to 3rd. Ground out to pitcher reversed due to illegal pitch, and eventual single. Hit to SS puts runners at corners.  4 straight pitchouts with time expired, but 4th ball hit to SS.  Runner probably beat throw to 1st, but missed bag for 3rd out.

Ballgame, and phew, Woodrow wins 2-1.