TOC Game 4: Woodrow pierces Pearce pitching late with passed balls 5-4

Needing a victory to claim 3rd place in pool play bracket B, Woodrow finally generated some offense in their last at-bat of the 4th game to put 4 runs on the board and overtake JJ Pearce for the win. 3 passed balls with the bases loaded allowed Isabelle H, Nina and Elaine to all score runs and take the lead.  Time expired as Coach Dubs engaged in stall tactics and had Dorie and Lauren take pitches.

With the win, Woodrow finished pool play 2-2 and secured a top seed in Division 2 bracket play that starts Saturday with 9:30am game.  Bracket play is single elimination and up to 3 games to determine the winner. If Woodrow wins, following games are at 12:30 and 2pm.

Dorie and Lauren

Winning pitchers Lauren and Dorie from Friday’s games celebrate with post-game ice cream

1 2 3 R H E
JJ Pearce 3 1 0 4 4 1
Woodrow 0 1 4 5 3 2

Yuri – 2B
Isabelle H – RF
Nina – C
Elaine – SS
Aliah – 3B
Dorie – 1B
Lauren – P
Brianna – LF
Mariah – CF

1st inning:

Pearce – Walk, strikeout, single by SS.  Walk, throwing error by SS to 1st, run scores. Hit by 2nd, hit by 1st, 2 runs score.  Walk, grounder to short, toss to 2nd for 3rd out.

Woodrow – Yuri strikes out, Isabelle H strikes out, Nina flies out to right.

Score after 1st:  3-0

2nd inning:

Pearce – Walk, error at SS.  Grounder to SS, fielder’s choice out at 2nd. Single past 3rd scores run. Pop to Nina at catcher. Grounder to SS, out at 1st.

Woodrow –  Elaine walks, Aliah strikes out. Dorie pops over 3B head, drops in for hit. Lauren bunts, bad throw to 1st.  Elaine scores.  Katie (pinch run for Dorie) at 3rd.  Lauren takes 2nd on the overthrow. Brianna strikes out. Mariah grounds out to SS.

Score after 2nd: 4-1

3rd inning:

Pearce – Ground out to SS.  Walk. Ground out to SS.  Pop to 2nd.

Woodrow – Infield hit by Julia beating out throw. Walk for Isabelle H. Double by Nina. Elaine walks, loading bases with no outs. Passed ball advances runners and scores Isabelle H. Runners at 2nd and 3rd.  Passed ball scores Nina.  Allah strikes out. Passed ball scores Elaine.  With time running out, Dorie takes pitches and strikes out.  Lauren takes pitches and time runs out.

Score after 3rd: 4-5

Woodrow wins!  Go Woodrow!