Tournament Of Champions Opener – Stage Fright

1 2 3 4 R H E
Centennial 0 3 3 4 10 6 0
Woodrow 0 0 0 0 0 8

A talented, athletic team from Centennial in Burleson tore through Woodrow in the 1st official game of the season in the Tournament of Champions in Farmers Branch.  Facing such an opponent for the first time this season, Woodrow was tentative and failed to execute in several areas on defense including 5 errors from the brand new middle infield of Yuri and Isabella K.  Unfortunately, the corner outfielders also had their problems misplaying 3 balls and probably mispositioned a little bit with Left too short and Right too deep. Pitching for Centennial was strong with only 10 batters making it to the plate in 3 innings.  The only baserunner was via a walk for Elaine to go along with 4 strikeouts.  Altogether, it was a game that serves as a reminder what it’s like to play in the bigs.

Yuri – SS
Mariah – CF
Nina – C
Aliah – 3B
Dori – P
Brianna – LF
Elaine – 1B
Lauren – DH
Julia – RF

1st inning:

Centennial – I was late and didn’t see how first runner got on base.  2nd batter struck out, followed by pop to pitcher and fly ball to center field.

Woodrow – Yuri strikeout looking, Mariah flared to short, Nina flied out to short right.

Score after 1: 0-0

2nd inning:

Centennial – Error at SS. Error on steal attempt allows runner to advance to 3rd. Pop to pitcher for out 1.  Passed ball allows runner to score. Misplayed ball in left field goes for home run.  Single to left.  Throw to 2nd on stolen base attempt is not stopped and runner goes home. Fly ball to CF for out 2, Strike out looking for out 3.

Woodrow – Aliah strikes out, Dori flares out to SS, Bri strikes out.

Score after 2: 3-0

3rd inning:

Centennial – Soft fly ball to right is played tentatively and falls in for an error. Runner is thrown out on next hit to 2nd with fielder’s choice going to SS for the out. Next batter gets on via fielding error at 2nd, runner scores.  Double to right on soft catchable ball scores runner from 2nd.  Ball hit over SS head for a single advances runner to 3rd.  With runners at 1st and 3rd, high fly ball to left field is lost in the sun.  Runner from 3rd scores, runner from 1st advances to 3rd.  Next batter pops to 2nd and lacking any respect for Woodrow at all, runner from 3rd attempts to tag and score and nearly does so, but is thrown out.

Woodrow – Elaine walks, Lauren strikes out, Julia grounds to pitcher for fielder’s choice.  Yuri bunts to 3rd and is thrown out at 1st.

Score after 3: 6-0

4th inning:

Centennial – With left field playing shallow, ball is hit over head for home run.  Slap to 2nd isn’t charged aggressively enough and runner is safe at 1st. Runner steals 2nd. Batter hits liner off 1B glove for an error scoring runner.  Catchable ball hit to RF drops for double, scoring runner.  High fly ball to left field is caught for out 1.  Sharply hit ball to 3rd is thrown out at first for 2nd out. Popped ball up 1st base line that probably would have rolled foul or gone for a base hit is snagged by a diving Nina for out 3.

Game called on time/run rule.