Early bats enough for 6-3 win over Pinkston

1 2 3 4 5 R H E
Pinkston 1 0 0 2 0 3 1 6
Woodrow 5 1 0 0 6 7 7

Missing several key seniors (Elaine, Carly, Dori) Woodrow bagged their limit in the first inning and had solid enough pitching and defense to freeze out Pinkston in a chilly 45 degree scrimmage Friday night.  Sophomore pitcher Lauren suffered some control issues in the 4th inning, issuing 4 walks, but otherwise only gave up 1 hit and no balls out of the infield to go along with 4 Ks and a 1-2-3 5th inning.  Aliyah, Mariah, and Briana drove in the key 1st inning runs with Aliyah’s solid rip to the right center wall scoring 2 on a triple.

team talks after win

Yuri – SS
Isabelle H – CF
Nina – C
Aliya – 3B
Mariah – 1B
Lauren – P
Brianna – RF
Isabel K – 2B
Julia – LF
Morgan – DH

1st inning:
Pinkston: Lead-off walk, throwing error on grounder to third put runners at the corners. Grounder to short for 1st out, runner scored. Pop to pitcher for out 2, grounder to short for out 3.

Woodrow: Yuri K, Isabelle grounder through right side, Nina successfully bunts Isabelle over to 2nd and reaches 1st. Aliya drives hard ball to right center for a triple scoring Isabelle and Nina. Mariah hits one with eyes between 1st and 2nd scoring Aliya. Lauren strikes out on ball that gets past catcher and reaches 1st. Mariah and Lauren advance on a passed ball. Mariah gets out stealing home on passed ball, Lauren takes 3rd. Brianna hits ball to short, fielder goes home with it, but Lauren beats throw to reach 5 run limit.

Score after 1st: 5-1

2nd inning:
Pinkston: Pop to 2nd, walk, unsuccessful bunt that Nina throws out to 1st, strikeout.

Woodrow: Isa K grounds to 2nd, Julia pops to short, Morgan walks. Morgan takes 2nd on Yuri grounder to 3rd who fails to stop ball. Passed ball advances Morgan and Yuri. Isabelle hits ball to Pitcher who commits throwing error, Morgan scores, Yuri to 3rd. With Nina batting, Yuri attempts to steal on passed ball and is out.

Score after 2nd: 6-1

3rd inning:
Pinkston: Lead off walk, pop to short for 1st out. Walk and fielding error at 3rd puts runners at 2nd and 3rd, but runner at 3rd tries to go home and is put out by Nina after throw from Julia in left field. Another walk puts runners at 1st and 2nd. Final out comes on fielder’s choice from Aliya at 3rd throwing runner out at home.

Woodrow: Nina grounds to 2nd, Aliya singles through left side and steals 2nd. Mariah grounds to pitcher, Lauren pops to short.

Score after 3rd: 6-1

4th inning:
Pinkston: 3 walks to start the inning. Attempted pick off of runner at 3rd goes high and runner scores. Grounder to 2nd for first out, runners advance to 2nd and 4rd. Walk loads bases. Tipped ball ends up as bunt on 3rd base line, runner scores. Runner at 3rd gets caught off base for 2nd out. Strike out ends the inning.

Woodrow: Bri hit by pitch, Isa K strikes out. Julia sac bunts Bri to 2nd. Morgan singles and Bri takes 3rd. Yuri walks to load up bases. Isabelle hits grounder to 1st.

Score after 4th: 6-3

5th inning:
Pinkston: Strikeout, strikeout looking, grounder to short.

Ballgame, Woodrow wins 6-3.