Woodrow Softball first scrimmage versus N. Mesquite ends in tie

pre-game talk

Woodrow kicked off their 2015 campaign with their first scrimmage of the Spring against North Mesquite. Starting lineup for Woodrow was:

  1. Nina – C
  2. Carly – P
  3. Lauren – 1B
  4. Aliah – 3B
  5. Maria – CF
  6. Brianna – LF
  7. Julia – RF
  8. Yuri – SS
  9. Dori – DH
  10. Isabelle K – 2B

  • Isabelle in on-deck circle

1st inning
As home team, Woodrow started off strong with a 3-up 3-down all on come-backers to the Pitcher. In the bottom of the first, Nina popped into a gap in short right for a single. Carly lined between short and 3rd to put runners at 2nd and 3rd. Nursing a leg injury, Carly was replaced with a pinch runner. Nina scored on a passed ball and runner advanced to 3rd. Lauren popped foul down the first base line. Aliah drove a ball to the wall between the outfielders to the wall in left center scoring the runner from 3rd and came around for a triple. Mariah hit a low liner to 2nd who managed to scoop it and doubled-off runner at 3rd.

Carly pitching

Carly pitching

Score after 1st: 2-0

2nd inning
N. Mesquite started making a little better contact in the 2nd and took advantage of a couple misplays in the field to load up the bases with 1 out. A strike-out and a ground ball helped Woodrow escape with no damage. In the bottom of the inning, Julia laid down a nice bunt to advance a runner to 2nd. Yuri had a great at bat, eventually drawing a walk after at least 10 pitches. I believe Dori drove he in with a hit. Isa drew a walk putting runners at 1st and 2nd for Nina. Sharp grounder to SS for force at 3rd to end the inning.

Score after 2nd: 3-0

3rd inning
The 2nd time through the lineup, the Mesquite hitters started to get the timing on Carly’s pitches and were making solid contact. Helped by a couple of errors, they pushed 5 runs across to take the lead. In the bottom of the inning, Mesquite switched pitchers to one with more velocity. Lead-off hitter Carly struck out, then Pitcher blew 2 fastballs past Lauren. 3rd fastball fouled off, 4th was a ball. On the 5th pitch, she tried a change-up and Lauren drove it into right field. Aliah hit it between SS and 3rd to put runners on 1st and 2nd. Mariah drove one to left center, scoring Lauren.

Score after 3rd: 5-5

4th inning

Dori came into pitch the 4th. What had started out as a generous strike zone in the first seemed to get a little tighter as faster pitchers got into the game. First 3 batters walked with several pitches that were just out of the zone either a little high or a little outside. A couple of good hits and a couple of bloop hits to right field and another 5 were put on the board. In the bottom of the inning, Woodrow rallied nicely and were touching up the Mesquite pitcher, eventually putting 4 runs on the board. Lauren had a nice drive up the middle to center field. Dori was up to bat with 2 outs and runners on when time was called to give JV time for their scrimmage.

Score after almost 4: 10-9 (but we’ll call it a tie since Dori would have gotten a hit 🙂