It’s January…must be time to blog again :-)

Yeah, this has happened before, part of that whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing I guess. Well unlike recent years, there’s actually a lot going on that I’d like to write about for a change. So we’ll see…

First off, I’ve started off with a much more dedicated focus to the “get in shape” thing this year. At 48, those feelings of mortality have begun to creep in, and now it’s beginning to feel more like, “you better get on top of this or you’re going to start having life-altering consequences”. Other than a few sick days with bronchitis, I’ve worked out every weekday and significantly changed to a smaller portion, more paelo-style eating regimen. I’m down 15 pounds and 5% BMI for January. Yea!


I’ve also teamed up with a personal trainer, Towanda (I’ll post a pic of her after Thursday workout). She’s a little 5’3″ powerhouse of muscle. I wouldn’t want her pissed off at me, I think she’d break me in two. This initial post is actually for her as she wanted me to keep an eating log for the next couple of days. So here goes:


  • 3 egg veggie omelette, grapefruit, coffee skim milk splenda
  • homemade tuna salad sandwich on tortilla — tuna, lt mayo, grapes, celery, tomato
  • 4 oz chicken tortilla soup
  • Potbelly wreck sandwich on flat bread ~450 cal
  • 24 oz iced tea — no sugar
  • 60 oz water

In other personal news, Lauren’s first day of softball practice for Woodrow was yesterday (she made Varsity again, yea!) She was in such a good mood after practice, even though she’s got 2 wicked bruises with stitch marks from a come-backer and an errant throw. Playing really makes her happy.

All of Derek’s former baseball teams have scattered to the winds and we’ve got decisions to make this week with a couple of team offers on the table. One’s expensive, and he probably won’t get much playing time, but will have excellent development opportunities. The other’s cheap, with a friend or two on the team and a bit of a drive. Coach is great and just does it for love of the game. Probably going that route, but we’ll see what Derek decides.