My Sports Rule Changes for 2013

  • Football: Eliminate pass interference as a penalty. If you’re man enough to catch a ball while people are knocking you all over the field, then you’ve got my attention. As it is now, football has become a crapshoot and frankly, boring
  • Football: Remove all pads and helmets.
  • Baseball: Eliminate the Home Run. Hit it out of the park and you’re out. Runners return to bases.
  • Hockey: Eliminate offsides.
  • Basketball: Move the goal up to 13′. Allow each player only 2 fouls before they are out of the game.
  • Soccer: Eliminate fouls. Man up.
  • Soccer: Any player who lays on the ground for more than :30 shall be removed from the game permanently. Man up.

There. I’m sure all League Commissioners will come running to my door for further advice on rule changes for 2014 🙂

One thought on “My Sports Rule Changes for 2013

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