Missile Launcher and back on the track

My daughter, Lauren, has been waiting 7 years to have a little sister.  Now she has the next best thing, a 2nd grade girl living next door,  Megan.  Once they both got over the idea of going over to see each other, this last week has been great for both.  Last night, they had a sleep-over at Megan’s house along with another of Megan’s friends, who we also know through the Lakewood community.

At 7:30 this morning, they all came be-bopping over to come play on the trampoline and snark some chocolate chip muffins, pancakes and bacon.  After breakfast the girls had me play, “momma in the middle”, and I introduced them to “missile launcher” which is where I lay down under the trampoline and as they are bouncing up, I push up on the bottom of the trampoline sending them an extra 2-3 feet up in the air.  We used to do this at the old house, but hadn’t done it in awhile.  Lauren’s gotten so big that if she takes a really good bounce she can certainly reach me unless I’m lying completely flat underneath, (maybe I’ve gotten bigger as well).

I can’t believe I didn’t make it running again after Monday.  We went today, and it was pretty painful.  At least we could do it, that wouldn’t have been the case if we lived back east where friends are getting 24″ of snow and more.  But that’s another 3.5 miles behind me, and I’ll see if I can do the 6 miler tomorrow.  Only 37 more days until the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half.