1st step in preparing for Dallas Rock & Roll Half-Marathon

As you may already know, I decided that New Year’s Day starts the day after Lotusphere is over, which this year, meant January 22nd.  I always use New Year’s as the opportunity to say, “Time to get in shape, eat right, etc…”  then Lotusphere comes along to ruin it with conference food and free booze for a week.  Usually I need a week after that just to detox and sleep, and all New Year’s plans are already shot to heck.

This year I knew I’d start afterwards, making the whole stressful runup to Lotusphere much easier.  It also helped temper my intake knowing I’d have to get started the day after.  So, I’m 2 weeks into it now.  Turns out my mother-in-law is going to be visiting us in March because she’s going to run in a half-marathon.  I checked it out this morning and it’s the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.  This got me thinking…hmm, 42 days away, my current long run is about 3 miles, could I get ready in time?  Going back to my Jeff Galloway training days, you can increase your long run 2 miles every week, at least until you start hitting +12 distances.  So I went out this morning to see what I could do.  Two keys that I remember, use the 5 min running, 1 min walking to build up endurance, and find the pace you can run forever (or in my case, keep a heartrate between 150 and 160).

I ran a route I thought would put me between 4 and 5 miles which you can see at walkjogrun.net, what a neat site by the way.  I came home, could plot the route, put in my time, and see what my pace was, elevation change, and calories burned.  My pace right now is about 12:30, which is pathetic, but perfectly ok with me right now.  When I ran the marathon I was on an 11 min pace, and guess what, it’s not about speed.  It’s about being able to finish, and being able to keep doing it.  I never had an injury when I trained for and ran the marathon, and I know lots of people who could run 7-8 minute miles who never got close to it.

So, I’m in town all week, I need to get at least 3 3-mile runs in this week and next Sunday I can shoot for 6 miles.  Off to walkjogrun.net to see what route I can create to do that.