UPDATE: After catching up on some reading…a portal entitlement is there for Domino customers!

Yesterday I posted about getting to know WebSphere Portal to really be able to state the case for a Notes 8 standard client deployment. One of the things I mused about in comments was a Portal entitlement from IBM for Domino customers so they could have that opportunity.

If IBM doesn’t have it, IBM should consider a Portal development entitlement for Domino customers that would allow them to effectively research this. I’ll ask Sue to look into it.

Reading through Ed’s blog from last week, I found that IBM has indeed made that entitlement available. Here’s the link, WebSphere Portal Server software – limited use entitlement. Essentially, for every Domino server that has Collaboration licensed users running against it (i.e. not just a messaging server), you are entitled to 20 users of Portal. Those users can:

  • Deploy composite applications to a supported Web browser
  • Use a Lotus Notes 8 client to access composite applications hosted by WebSphere Portal Server software

That’s exactly what I was thinking customers needed, a way to explore without having to make a fullscale committment up front to Portal. Well done IBM!