A non-standard Notes 8 client upgrade

For whatever reason, on my production machine I’d been unwilling to run Notes 8 Betas with the Standard client. Call me cautious. (Ha! No one’s believing that.) I saved the Standard client for my VM environments. Now that 8’s gold, I decided to upgrade to the Standard client. I started the installer, and boing, unsupported upgrade.

Ok, I halfway expected that. Re-check the Release Notes (you do read the Release Notes don’t you?) and confirm that a client un-install is in order. Do a quick backup of the data directory, and uninstall. Check

Install the new Notes client, accept the defaults and start. Hmm, where are all my icons? Well, it looks like we have a REALLY fresh install. Where did it install to? After missing it a couple of time, I realize that the new default path for Notes 8 install is to c:program filesIBMLotusNotes, not c:program filesLotusNotes.

Time to do a little pruning of the old data directory and move it over. Take the bookmark.nsf, names.nsf, desktop6.ndk…leave cache.ndk, leave all the old NSD crash logs (only 20 or so) and dump files. Restart Notes client. Voila, up and running. A little sluggish at first as lots of indexes have to be rebuilt, but then pretty speedy. I’m loving the embedded ST client already. Nice.