Hurricane Dean and Derek intensify

We’ve been keeping track of the storms down here, and as of this morning, we now have Hurricane Dean headed our way. Right now, Dean is just a category 1, but it has potential to spin up to a 4 or 5 before all is said and done. It’s headed on a track that will put it over St. Lucia and Dominica around Friday afternoon. We’re taking off out of St. Maarten at 9:30 Friday morning, so even if it turns a bit, we should be gone before it gets near. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it again in Texas in a few more days.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Derek has continued to worsen into a category “go visit the doctor” sickness. In addition to Albuterol and Prednisone breathing treatments, he’s now on antibiotics but his coughing seems to continue gathering strength. I hope we do not see a repeat of Christmas 2004 when we ended up in a Tortola hospital with pneumonia. But I don’t think it will come to that.

So we’re packing up and battening down Francie’s house as best we can. Even though Dean looks like it will miss Anguilla, chances are there’ll be another along in the next 10 days while they’re still out of town. Jonas has a nice collection of motorcycle fenders outside that would make nice projectiles in a 100mph wind. We’re shooting for the 9am ferry to St. Martin (French side) and then over to the Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel for the day. After that, 12 hrs of travel on Friday brings us back to Dallas at 9:30pm and a trip to the doctor Sat morning. Vacation is giving way to the real world again.