The 12pm Carnival parade in Anguilla

Have you heard the expression “island time”? It’s used to note how the clock seems to slow down when you’re in the islands. Whether it’s the actual clock or your own body’s clock, the pace is definitely slower. A great example of this is the 12pm Friday Carnival parade. 12 might be a suggested time for the participants to start showing up. Being aware of this, we hit Subway (yes, the one fast food chain restaurant on the island) at about 12:30, then wander over to the drugstore for some t-shirt shopping. Around 1:30, we exit the drugstore and it looks like maybe things are starting to get underway. So we find a shady palm tree over at the National Bank of Anguilla and wait. More…

One thought on “The 12pm Carnival parade in Anguilla

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