A food tangent

In the past, I’ve generally tried to keep this blog focused on technical things, but with the new dojomino.com blog, I don’t feel so compelled anymore. So, I’m just returning from vacation and I’ve got a couple of off-the-beaten-path food spots to point you to if you ever happen to be in the area.

First, in Santa Fe, a couple of block’s off St. Francis Drive, try “Dave’s not here” which is an old house on the side of the road…with Cuban interior decorations…serving New Mexican style food. Yes, it’s odder than it sounds. Where did the name come from? The place used to be owned and run by Dave. When new owner (Amy) moved in, people would come in ask, “Where’s Dave?”, and voila, you have a new restaurant name.

Aside from recommending it for the oddness factor (which is saying something for Santa Fe), the reason I’m really plugging it is for the Blue Corn Enchiladas with Green Chile sauce. Oh my God…hot. And if you know me, I don’t say that easily. I eat Thai food as hot as they’ll fix it. I cover omelettes in tobasco. I like hot, really hot. I’ve never had green chilis that hot…completely awesome. Here’s the award-winning Green Chile cheeseburger which I didn’t try. Next time.

From the exotic to the quixotic: Chicago Dogs. Love ’em, always have. You know, the sport peppers they put on there with the cucumber salt…yum. So, I’m always on the lookout for a place that can deliver a good Chicago Dog. If you’re cruising down I-45 in Huntsville (45 miles or so north of Houston), make a stop at “Mad Dog” and get a Chicago Dog, Hot Polish, Polish Sausage, Texas Dog, or Italian Beef. Comes with curl-sliced potato that’s almost a french fry, almost a potato chip…right in between. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, they are moving off the highway in the next few weeks and relocating near the campus in Huntsville. So next time I’m legging it between Dallas and Houston, I’ll have to get off the road and go find them. So are you wondering how the Penumbra Weight Loss Challenge is going. Well, don’t know about the other guys, but vacation is never a good time for me to lose weight, lol.