Can you relate?

If this is you and you can’t stand it, try the life of a consultant. I’m not saying it’s better, I’m saying you’ll rarely have days like that. Let’s recall the last month:

  • Today: implementing Websphere Portal Web Content Manager for a client in Houston
  • Friday: teaching Web Services development with version 7 and 8 of Notes. Can you say cool to the Domino Designer 8 Script Library for consuming Web Services?
  • Wed, Th: teaching DB2NSF for Domino 7 and 8.
  • Mon, Tue: Spec out custom client launch configurations with Client Genie
  • Previous week: Visit clients who’d been ignored for a week
  • 2 weeks ago: Developer2007 conference speaking, client meeting in Boston
  • 3 weeks ago: Penumbra meetings in Westford with IBM after overnight flight from client engagement in San Diego

So, an endless series of tasks (perhaps also unimportant)…maybe. Mind-numbing…no. Is it worth it? Ask my wife.

She recalls a lunch conversation with a good friend the other day. To her friend, “Does your husband work a lot? Yeah, he blah..blah…blah. How about Lance?”

“Yeah, you know with technology you can work from anywhere now, but unfortunately, that means he can work from anywhere. So, he’s able to stay home with the kids in the morning sometimes, and he’s able to come to school events or practices, but he’s also working at the pool on the weekends, in the middle of the night, in the car, you name it.”

Hmmm…I think I better not open up my laptop next week when we’re on vacation.