Lesson 1: Don't answer late night Skype calls from Bruce or Julian

So here I am at work, now 10:30pm, working on things for class tomorrow (sql1097n error if you must know), and probably will be here again till 2am, when I get a ping from Julian, ‘hey, pick up’.

‘Yeah, I say’.

‘Welcome to the Taking Notes Podcast 62 with special guest Lance Spellman, I’m Bruce Elgort…’


Nah, I probably needed to clear my head anyway. I was mostly a spectator, and it’s great to hear the stuff coming out of that SNAPPS camp due north of me 400 miles or so. Rob Novak was also on the call and if you haven’t seen the Quickr template movies he’s been putting out, Joe Bob says, “check it out”. They are great examples of what’s being done with Dojo in the Lotus brand today. It’s got me thinking about making a trip up there in a few weeks for Collaboration University to dig in a little deeper.

However that might conflict with other travel plans. I’m looking to take a couple of good long breaks over the next 6 weeks. Over the 4th of July, I’m going to deep-in-the-mountains Colorado and maybe do a little fly fishing down below the Navajo Dam. Then the first 2 weeks in August…house swap. Francie’s coming to Dallas, I’m going to Anguilla. Dang, who came out ahead on that deal?