Modifying BlogSphere Skin via NoteMan

I wasn’t really going to post this, but then I saw that Paul Mooney’s using the same blog template skin as I am for dojomino which is called Relaxation. A very irritating thing about this template is it doesn’t put a clickable link around the blog post title to get the full story. Instead you have to find the Permalink at the bottom to do that.


So with a bit of Blogsphere digging around I figured out where you set that bit. But of course, it’s in a moderate size document with no form associated with it. Enter NoteMan.

NoteMan (among other things) gives you the ability to see the contents of a document…think giganto document properties box. And then it gives you edit capability right there.

In examining the Blogsphere db, you find that:

  • a blog post is served up by the HTMLPermalinks view
  • the view uses a Form Formula which specifies the form HTML_PermaLink
  • the HTML_PermaLink is really a $$ViewTemplate for D6plinks which has a WebQueryOpen agent pointing to Agnt_LoadPermaLink
  • which uses a Lotusscript library called RenderEngine.Blog
  • with a function called initializeRenderEngine
  • that uses the following code to locate a template document
    Set templateView = thisDB.GetView(“lkp_Templates”)
    Set templatedoc = templateView.GetDocumentByKey(configDoc.cfg_basic_SiteTemplate(0)+”.tmpl”)
  • that view, which is LookupTemplates, by default only has 1 document in it, named default.tmpl

You’d think, “Voila, I’ve got it!”, and go open that document from the view. Not so fast my friend…there’s no form to handle that document.


How about Document Properties then?


I’m thinking I might be here all day looking through these. I’m also thinking I’m going to have to write a quick disposable agent to go modify whichever field it is that’s responsible for handling the Blog Title text. Sigh.

NoteMan to the Rescue!

Oh yeah, I’ve got NoteMan. Let’s pop that open on this document.


Before I launch it though, let’s find out what the HTML element on the page is that I’m trying to find. Open up Paul’s blog, turn on Firebug, hit the Inspect button and click on a blog title.


Aha, we’re looking for the <h3 class=”entry-header”> That should be easy to find in NoteMan. Let’s see…Yes, there it is.


Put a little edit on that guy, click the Item Changes checkmark and the Note Changes checkmark, and we’re done.


And you end up with a clickable blog entry title.


UPDATE: On the other hand, I could have been less of a bone-head, and just gone to Blog Configuration | Look and Feel | Page Templates, opened the document, gone to the Single Entry Layouts tab and done the same thing there. Idiot.

UPDATE2: To be more specific, from the Single Entry Layouts tab, choose the sub-tab for the HTMLPage Entry and use this code instead of what’s in the screen shot
<h3 class=”entry-header”><a href=”<$BSHomeURL$>/d6plinks/<$BSUniqueID$>”><$BSEntryTitle$></a></h3>