The Penumbra Board Lotusphere 2008 Weight Loss Challenge

Well the first “event” for Lotusphere 2008 is upon us. After a stressful week in Boston, the Penumbra board members, Bill Buchan, Mark Ramos, and myself have decided that we have well exceeded our weight limits (i.e turned into fat bastards) and that something needs to be done. Hence the weight loss challenge is upon us. Most weight lost (by percentage) by Lotusphere gets free dinner at Shula’s from the other two at the end of the week. The official weigh in (in nothing but kilts, hide your eyes) to occur Sat night at the traditional Penumbra dinner. If you’ve been keeping up with Bill’s blog you know that he’s already given up smoking and, shocker, been going to the gym. Don’t know what Mark’s plans are, but I’ve gone back to the “no processed foods” diet and started my marathon training again. Personally, I’m targeting a 14% loss by Sphere, and have already lost 10 pds since leaving for Boston. Unfortunately some of that weight was “pre-contest” due to a nasty 24hr bug :-X

So, it’s a late start, but I think I’ll try the Dallas Whiterock Marathon this year. It’s usually on or near my birthday in December, and then there’s the Disney marathon the Saturday prior to Sphere which is just enough recovery time, but I don’t know if I can take a full 2 weeks in Orlando. The one I’d really like to try someday is the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in San Diego. I was there a couple of weeks ago before heading to Boston and the marathon was that weekend.