Don't tell my wife…I have a new mistress

Her name is Dojo. She’s quite attractive, young, but mature beyond her years. I find myself thinking about her a lot. I really like what she can do for my widgets.

I wish someone would write a book about her so I could gobble it up page by page. When I call her, she usually calls me back and I dig the way she binds. When I require her to do something, she does it, or gracefully tells me why she can’t.

When I think about the upcoming weekend, do I have a peaceful suburban-wife-and-2-kids-and-a-dog weekend, or do I go spend time with…Dojo, sweet Dojo.

I’ve started a new blog…it’s all about Dojo, nothing but how I can twist that pretty little Dojo around my finger. I’ll unleash my passion for her there. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to love her too.