Lotus Developer 2007 Notes

On my way back from Lotus Developer 2007 now, and would be home already except for US Airways leaving an hour late from Boston causing missed connection and overnight stay in Charlotte. So, I’ll get back today instead. It was an interesting week as it was the first time I’d been to a View conference. Thumbs up from what I saw. They run a good show, and the sessions appeared to have a lot of good stuff. As for my sessions, a bit of a mixed bag. Monday was fine, but that night I got pretty sick and was ruined for all day Tuesday. In trying to simplify things so I had less to think about for my Tuesday sessions, in my fever-addled state I deleted the wrong “Tuesday” demo directory which left me with code from 6 weeks ago…boo. I’m sure the evals will appropriately reflect that.

By Wednesday morning I was weak but otherwise fine (several people suspected the Monday Chinese food for lunch from the food court), I dunno, maybe just one of those 24 hr bugs. Anyway, Wednesday was a fun session on AJAX/Dojo/Domino which had a repeat in the afternoon. Hopefully anyone who attended the Tue pm session came to Wed and got a better picture of what Dojo can do. Sometime over this Fri-Sat-Sun, I’ll get the demo/presentation page updated with the most recent code.