A good week at GaryCon in Redmond

Wrapping up a week on Microsoft campus this week, and it’s been quite an adventure. First of all, I did NOT burst into flames when crossing the threshold into the MS building as I halfway expected. They did not confiscate my Lotusphere laptop bag as I walked in the door. Gary Devendorf says he uses his all the time, as well as wearing his Lotus shirts on a regular basis. (Today he’s wearing a circa R5 I AM shirt).

Lance Spellman and Gary Devendorf at Microsoft campus
The facility here is pretty incredible. This little humble building (Building 20) is probably about 25,000 sq ft and has lab computers just stuffed all over the place. We each had our own little keypad office lab room with 4 pcs in it, and the main classroom was configured with over 50 machines. And to really add some fun, an XBox room with recliners and big screen projector. I felt like I was 25 again with 3 meals a day provided, no wife or kids to go home to, and 16 hour days doing nothing but geeking out.

So why was I there? We’ve got customers who like Sharepoint. We’ve got customers who want to make their Notes stuff work in Sharepoint. We’ve got customers who are moving to Sharepoint and leaving Notes altogether. This is not an area we can afford to ignore. While I’m not advocating my customers to migrate to Sharepoint, they are going to be asking the question, “how could we do X or Y in Sharepoint.” As a long time Notes person, a lot of concepts are very familiar: discussion, wiki, blog, document libraries, web content management, workflow, item level security.

We’ve been doing internal work around Sharepoint, specifically around integration work with Notes. We’ve teamed up with Proposion and use their tools to make a lot of this integration easier. We’re now working with customers in this space and will do some public announcements around services we can provide in the near future. My personal favorite right now is custom web parts for Sharepoint that access Domino information via Web Services, or via XML over HTTP.

If you’re looking for information in this area, you’ll find Gary’s site very helpful with lots of examples.