Lotusphere Comes To You

Brrrr. I mean brrrr. Attended the New York Lotusphere Comes to You event yesterday, and man was it cold. I’ve been on top of Colorado mountains in the winter and not been that cold. When I scheduled the trip I thought it would okay to stay in a hotel about 10 blocks away (and $300 cheaper) from the event. A nice walk down Broadway to Times Square for the event should be fun. Well, at 7am with the wind blowing 30 mph, I made it about 4 blocks before my ears chipped off onto the street.

Anyway, it’s nice to see how the other half lives. When an LCTY event makes its way to Texas it’s usually a pretty subdued affair. In NY, there were 450 people registered, and I heard about 275 attended. It was in the Hudson theater and Mike Rhodin gave the Opening Session. People seemed to like the messages and there were at least 20 vendors presenting in the showcase.

Today, it’s Chicago and Ken Bisconti and Ed Brill are heading up the main sessions. The agendas appear to be pretty much the same for all the events this year, and there’s some good focus on Lotus Connections and Quickr, and of course Notes 8.

If you’re interested in attending an LCTY event, you can see the dates/locations and register here. For our home locations, Dallas is April 5th, and Houston is April 12th. Sadly for my LCTY travel schedule (NY, CHI, DC, Detroit, Seattle, LA, Boston, Dallas, Houston, KC) they are not holding a LCTY event near our remote office in Anguilla this year. I’d happily put that one on my schedule 😉