Lotusphere Mashup Event Slides

On the plane back to Dallas now after finishing up Day 2 of presenting the Lotusphere Mashup (100 hours of Lotusphere in 1 hour). I was a bit ambitious, or simply not fast enough. In both Dallas and Houston, it was more like 1:15. At least in Houston today I got to the intended end of the content. In Dallas, I was still 70 slides short of target. I’m posting the slideset from the Houston presentation (reworked from the Dallas version a little bit). There also available from the downloads link on the blog site. I’ve taken out a lot of the A/V content which helps a bit with the size.

For those of you who wanted some of the video content, here’s a little nugget for you from the Barmy Swan Boat Races.

So, how do you find all the content referenced in the presentation? First, you can go to del.icio.us and you’ll find all my bookmarks to blog content that I found useful coming out of Lotusphere.

Then you can go to technorati and search for the tag Lotusphere2007 as I’ve done with the link provided and you’ll turn up over 1,000 blog posts, 2,500 pictures, and 20 or so videos.

If you were fortunate enough to go to Lotusphere, you could have downloaded all the session slides (as pdf). If not however, you can still get many of the sessions from the presenters by going to their individual site links. A fairly comprehensive list of them has been put together in the “Sessions DB” that Ben Langhinrichs created and maintains.

I’ll be in New York on Tuesday and Chicago on Wednesday at the LCTY events promoting Client Genie, FirM, and Workflow’s new super-duper-yet-to-be-named web authoring, doc management product. If you’re there and want to see parts of the presentation, come on by. Next week, it’s off to D.C. and Detroit for their LCTY’s.

I didn’t mention it in my presentations, but the Dallas LCTY event is April 5th, and in Houston, it’s April 12th. Good speakers are lined up for both. If you’re local, please sign up and come!