100% fidelity of Domino RichText content on the Web via DXL

All the i’s aren’t dotted yet, but it looks like I’ll be giving 4 presentations at The View’s Admin and Developer Conference in Boston in June. The one I’m the most excited about is DXL transformation of RichText for the Web. The Workflow team has been working on a product which will be released soon that needed 100% fidelity of RichText presentation on the Web. If you’ve done anything with that yourself, you know there are issues in getting true fidelity when you let Domino “do its thing” and transform it for you.

After some work, we’ve developed an approach that on Document save in the Notes client, creates the HTML to be presented to the web from the RichText by doing a DXL export and XSL transformation. By trying out all kinds of RT content and tweaking the XSL appropriately, we think we’ve now got 100% fidelity for the way the content was built on the Notes client. What initially appeared to be challenging, inline images, actually turned out to be relatively simple. I’ll be posting more on the “issues” and how our solution works in future posts.

Other sessions will include a discussion of DXL roundtrip design modifications with a sample app for performing the roundtripping. There’s the Domino SuperView which is an AJAX session, and the last one is a more introductory session on AJAX development techniques. The last one feels like well-trodden ground at this point, but should be good for people still wanting to get familiar with the concepts and some good ways to go about debugging in the development environment.