My new "Eschered" or WFS logo tiled Notes Workspace

Yesterday I got off on a tangent about Escher and the Notes Workspace. Well after a little bit of playing, I have modified my Notes Workspace to achieve a little of that. To be fair, this is actually just a new seamless tile rather than something Escher-like. To have true Escher qualities, the negative of the main image should make its own image. Although I have been told that our logo looks like someone sitting down at the loo.

There used to be an art website out there where you could create Escher style art, but it appears to have gone dark. I might ask our designer guy, David McMahon, aka David Chicken to see if he’s got the skills to make that happen with our logo.

In case you’re wondering how I replaced the workspace background, I created a 100 x 100 x 8 (color depth) bitmap tile and then created an “Update Bitmaps” document in Client Genie and attached it in the “Workspace Texture” field. If you have Client Genie, there’s already an Update Bitmaps document titled “LE: Silver White” that has the bitmaps for the database icon and twistie which I reused here.

If you have some artistic ability and would like to create a new workspace texture for me, add a comment with a link, or shoot me an email with your file. I’ll load it up, take a picture and post it back here.