Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid…and the Notes Workspace

An odd entry for sure. I was doing an install of Client Genie, which is my favorite Notes 3rd party product. If you haven’t seen it and you work for a large corporate Notes shop, you need to do yourself a favor and check it out. Anyway, enough with the advertising. One of the things CG does is allow you to reskin your Notes icons and workspace. I was chatting with Francie about how it would be nice to skin my workspace with a giant WFS logo bug, and she responded that we should “Escher it”, which is a term I’d not heard before, but immediately brought to mind this book I’d not read in many, many years. I think I first read it in 1987 or so, and it’s amazing to think that the book is now almost 30 years old (written in 1979 by Douglas Hofstadter). If you’ve never read it and you have a philosophic or mathematical mind, it’s a great read. I put it right up there in my top 10 along with “Atlas Shrugged” as one of those books that has the power to alter the way you think about things. I’m going to revisit it myself. Maybe it will inspire some better ideas for customizing my workspace, lol.