Lotusphere Day -1 (Saturday)

  • Day started with Penumbra business meeting at 8am which was quite productive.
  • Rushed off to BP golf tourney and promptly drove all over Disney looking for it and arrived late but managed to find a 3-some to join and had a great time with Michael Gruber, Martin Stroud, and John never-can-remember-his-last-name. Great fun and finished at 7 under.
  • Martin runs Lotus sales for Norway, Sweden and Denmark (maybe more), and it was quite refreshing to hear what a great year Lotus had there. And in truth, everyone I’ve talked to, including us, has been having a nice run up in business the last few months.
  • Golf ran late as usual, so rush to change and get to Penumbra Dinner at Fulton’s Crab House.
  • Kim Greene’s term on the Board came to an end, what a wonderful job she’s done. I hope she’ll stay available for consultation 😉
  • With Kim’s departure, a new Board member was inducted, Wild Bill, and in his honor, Mark Ramos and I donned kilts and snuck up behind him as he was introduced. I understand there is video of this, doubtless on YouTube by now.
  • It really, really gave me great pleasure to introduce David Stephens as one of our two Prism Award winners this year. David, whose title may be one of the longest at IBM and I’ll have to find it again, has been a rock for the Lotus community. He personally leads many of the West Coast user groups, helps all of them, is part of the team at LotusUserGroup.org and generally will bend over backwards to support BP’s in any way he can. He also has a wonderful QuickPlace where he publishes a monthly newsletter of all the relevant announcements and programs coming from IBM about the Lotus brand. He’s truly deserving of the recognition.
  • Alan Lepofsky was our other Prism Award winner as there was a dead heat tie between them. Most of the community is already aware of the public awareness and education Alan fosters via his blog, and he is tireless in his promotion of Notes which certainly benefits us all. Congratulations Alan, we appreciate everything you do.

Lotusphere Day -2 (Friday)


  • Met up with Wayne Scarano at the airport and we cruised to the Swan in high style, top down Ford Mustang with radio blasting on 96.5, a wonderful station I will be looking for on the internet when I get home
  • Kimono’s Friday night with Bob Balaban (godlike deity), Alan Lepofsky, Jack Forman, Wayne Scarano, Daniel Nashed, George Chiesa.
    • Be sure to ask Alan about being strapped to a chair, inside a ball, inside another ball and being rolled down a mountain in New Zealand.
    • There are a lot of people really humming about Second Life…predict we’ll see major demo Monday and the term used 20 times
    • If you EVER want to do anything that requires C API, contact Daniel please. He is simply incredible.
    • Try the cucumber wrapped salmon/tuna thingy. Wow
  • Caught up with Florian Vogler and his Client Genie crew at the Red Coconut at Universal. Jet lag was catching up with them pretty bad and we turned in early. Got to drive the mustang some more, so no loss although Jack probably didn’t like it from the back seat at night.

Blog migration underway

A couple of people have mentioned that it’s time for me to get blogging again and I agree, it has been a year after all. First step, ditch the old look and feel. Rather than mess around with the old one, I’ve just moved it to a temp location, and popped in Blogsphere v3 (quite impressive by the way, nice job Declan). Since it’s now UP, but not designed, I thought I’d better put this placeholder in for the time being. I’ll move all the old content over, fix the broken links to the screencams, and start writing up some new content tomorrow.