The Lotusphere Mashup (100 hours of Lotusphere in 1 hour)

Next month, as part of Workflow Studios ongoing Notes 2 the Next Level Lunch & Learn series in Houston (2/20) and Dallas (2/21), I will be presenting The Lotusphere Mashup (100 hours of Lotusphere in 1 hour). Taking every available resource, we’ll try to cover the whole show from product announcements and technical sessions to products, labs, and the FUN happenings at Lotusphere. This will be presented in SpeedGeek style with over 200 slides, 10 videos, and a hundred or more pictures. If you’re interested in attending, see the registration form. For those organizing Lotusphere Comes To You events this Spring, I’ll make this a travelling road show as long as someone picks up the expenses. For topic coverage, read more, and if you have stuff for me to add/use, by all means, use the comments to let me know.