Update on Desktop Integration and Quickr connectors

In my blog post the other day, I talked about stumbling on the “Desktop Connector” but I couldn’t remember the name. I went back by the lab and they told me it is called the Desktop Integrator. And while it ships with Portal Document Manager, it’s only within the Quickr context that it picks up the additional capabilities of being able to work directly against Notes Documents. This is through one of the 3 Quickr connectors that ships with it, the Lotus Notes connector. The other two connectors are the Microsoft Windows Explorer connector and the Microsoft Office connector. Get more details at the press release here.

This will be really useful in the Web Content Management product we’re building as it will provide for better integration with the built-in doc libraries within the product. However, I need to take a deeper look at the whole Quickr context and it’s licensing boundaries to see whether it would make better sense to tie directly to Quickr rather than doc libraries.