Useability testing of Lotus Component Designer

I had a great time today. I met Chris Kergaravat, User Studies Specialist and her team in the Useability Labs. They put me through a session on Lotus Component Designer. At first, I was feeling pretty embarrased as they put me through the ringer to find and use certain features. In the end, I really enjoyed working with the tool and helping explain my own expectations as I worked through various situations. The way our community grumbles about things in the user interface around Lotus products, it really is enlightening to see how these teams focus on every little detail of the way the tool operates.

My biggest surprise was how thoroughly ingrained the Domino Designer is in my psyche. I’ve done a lot of work in the Eclipse environment and am very familiar with how you “get around” in it. But in this environment, as soon as I started thinking “Domino things” and saw some similar structures in terms of UI, I immediately forgot about Eclipse-world and started projecting expectations of Domino Designer on this tool.