It's the little things that make you happy

Spent time in the labs with the developers today and dug into several things, but the one that gave me a thrill is the littlest piece of code. I believe they were calling it the Desktop Connector or Enabler (I’ll reconfirm tomorrow). This is a downloaded tool that enables Portal Document Manager and Quickr to push documents back and forth from Explorer and MS Office. It also adds options to the right click menu and to menu options in Office products.

I must admit when the Portal guys said they were pushing docs back and forth to Office, I immediately jumped and asked how they were getting around MS god-awful MSDIAPP.dll implementation of the “Microsoft Data Access Internet Publishing DAV”. I’ve been working on a Domino WebDAV integration project for some time and had come to the conclusion that as far as Office was concerned, it was a lost cause. Now, I have a new little tool to look at that will eliminate WebDAV from the picture AND allow direct integration at the document level. Outstanding. This one’s for you Jason and David .