New Article in Facelift blog

I’ve added another article to the Facelift blog on how the new JS function “behavior” calls get added to the form at runtime. This is really the heart of the matter on the Forms side of Facelift. It uses a nice little trick Dwight put together for composing a script tag and adding it to the page via the DOM. The new script tag points back to the server to run an agent. Dwight calls this “Dynamic JS”. It accomplishes some of the goals of AJAX without having to use it.


Domino Facelift Blog updated with intro topics

On the plane last night, I wrote up the intro materials for the Domino Facelift. The first two articles have been posted.

I’ve got a third that I’m working on today, and I’ll get it posted over the weekend. I’m also going to create some static pages for the long term docs and code downloads. The code is available over there, but it’s currently posted as a blog entry.

By the way, have you noticed Workflow’s new site? We’ve had it in concept mode for about 9 months and never had time to get the content put together. Francie finally pulled us over the top and got it done. Many thanks to her. We’re trying to get her to start an admin blog, but we’ll see.

Lotusphere was great, but it’s sure gotten to be a lot of work. I enjoyed speaking on Monday. Good fun, lots of positive response. Tuesday morning was a bit of a disaster, while the Thursday repeat was much better. My apologies to those of you who suffered through Tuesday. Hopefully, you at least got the concept.

I was going to skip Gurupalooza all together and for the lack of contribution I made…probably should have. There’s lots of real specialists up there and while there were a few questions I felt competent to answer, others knew the topic even better than I. Kind of fun to watch, but I couldn’t help thinking about the people in the audience and their possible reaction to all this…”Who the heck are these guys and why do they think they’re so special? I know just as much as that guy.” At least it would have been true in my case on many topics. Anyway, I respect the other participants as they do know a lot. I’d probably feel more comfortable about the event watching from the audience next time and let the real gurus have at it.

Lotusphere, Day 0

It hasn’t even really started and I’m already exausted… It’s Sunday, and the pre-conference activities are underway. I attended a few Business Development Day sessions this morning including a BP briefing that talked about the new SVI? program. Essentially, it replaces previous TCI and ICSF programs with one that is more like the hardware program. If a partner documents their involvement with an account in getting software in place, he gets licensing points regardless of the fullfillment partner. This fixes an issue that’s been particularly frustrating when the big corporate resellers swoop in at the last moment and offer some ridiculous deal that only they can offer. Now, at least the partner who’s been doing all the work gets a piece of the action.

I got a chance to hand out a few of our “Exchange” shirts today, including one to Mike Rhodin who tried but couldn’t surpress a grin. Speaking of Mike, I didn’t know he had such an impressive golf game as he and his team won the BP golf tournament yesterday at -9 or so. I didn’t see any of his shots, so I’ll just guess that he was a major contributor in their effort 😉 I also found Julian and Tom Duff before their Java jumpstart session, gave them a shirt and threatened to heckle. They reminded me that my session is AFTER theirs, so perhaps that’s not such a good idea.

After the golf tournament Saturday, which lasted almost 6 uggh hours, fellow Penumbrian Scott Good of Teamwork Solutions gave me a lift to our annual Fulton’s Crab House dinner. Once again, wonderful guests and great food. This year the weather allowed for cocktail hour to be held out on the deck and it was just a great evening. It’s always my personal high point of the Lotusphere week. This year it was even better as I was announced as a new Penumbra board member.

It seemed that everyone at the dinner was determined to make an appearance at the Gonzo Lotusphere party. There were more people at the event than I can ever remember. Besides the 70-80 people inside at midnight, there were another 15-20 goofing off out on the boardwalk. After we shut the place down at 1, the festivities moved on to Henry and Wild Bill’s bourbon and scotch fest. Did I mention that Bill was wearing a kilt all night? Or that Bob Balaban was wearing a tux? Have you ever seen Bob in anything more than a hawaiian shirt? Some weird “I double-dare you” thing going on there.

Thankfully this year, I drank little and left early. We hit the sheets by a decent 3:00am or so 😉

Time to head off to tech check for tomorrow’s 1pm session. Another one of those weird moments… as I stopped to grab a muffin on the boardwalk this morning, I happened to meet the IBMer who’s running “security” for us tomorrow at the session. A competitive Portal vs. SAP guy, we sat together and talked about our approach to AJAX facelifting. Thank goodness, he got it. So maybe we won’t confuse everyone in the room tomorrow.