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  1. Now thats not fair, its not that I hate Java, Im just waiting for it to become a mature product before I begin to start the adoption process. When the eclipse tools start getting a little more polished and the price of terrabyte RAM chips come down, I’ll revisit.

    Also, I don’t hate Ipod’s I find the hardware design to be elegant and the construction to be solid. I think that the usage model is unnessesarily restrictive. Specifically, I generally don’t use the laptop at home, so, when I sync, I’ll use a desktop, but, I think I should be allowed to use the laptop to sync.

    I bought the IPOD because it is a product that evokes an emotional reaction in others, those are the types of things that I’m alaways interested in understanding. I needed to experiance the IPOD.

    Until you brought it up, I didn’t even know who Elan was ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elan )

  2. IPODs… they are not near as restrictive as the Walkman was. I loved those too…

    Elan? You guys don’t know what you’re talking about…

    This is the real Elan ( http://www.elan.org/ )

    He worked with Steve and I to make the old Domino Fusion Connector. I’m not sure what he’s up to with that whole catholic schoolgirl get-up.

  3. …and Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Reyher, long time no see. If you’d only left off the last paragraph, you’d have truly had the obscure reference of the day.

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