Richard posted some good answers in a response to yesterday’s post. Carrying on with the categorized view UI…I had a call with Glenn Kohner earlier this evening and we were talking about all this. I mentioned an idea about being able to mouse over a category, grab it, drag it out of the viewport to some other location on the web page and drop it. When dropped, this becomes a mini-view of just the children and descendants of that view category.

The nice thing about that is you can use client-side script to manipulate that category. You want to sort by the 2nd or 3rd column in that mini-view…fine. So, I’m working up some demos for that. As Steve DeVoll pointed out, the drag and drop thing isn’t intuitive for the user (how would they know that capability is there). So if it’s really a useful feature to have a mini-view capability, maybe just allocate a window space for it. Click on a category and the mini-view fills in. Maybe put a minimize button on it. More to come…

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  1. You could make it intuitive through a pop-up message that appears when they mouse over the category. I think it’s really cool. You could be looking at multiple categories simultaneously that way. That’s not just cool… it’s doggone useful!

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