Bruce Elgort, co-host of the Taking Notes podcast, sent me a note this morning about recording a podcast this weekend on AJAX development. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised after the rather “uninspired delivery” that accompanied my 1 minute tip on an earlier podcast. (Don’t try recording at 11pm with kids asleep nearby…it kind of dulls the flow.) Anyway, I’m better live, never know what might come out of my mouth 😉

I haven’t confirmed with Dwight yet, but hopefully he’s available because he has some good reasons why NOT to use AJAX and has a preferred route he calls “dynamic JS”. With Julian joining in, this should make for an interesting discussion! Either way, we’ll definitely talk about the toolkit widgits we’re bringing to Lotusphere for our BP and boot camp sessions. If you’ve got some questions for us (in audio of course!), post them here or at the Taking Notes website.