The Lonestar Software Symposium returns to Dallas in the next few weeks (Nov 4-6) and it prompted me to air some feelings I’ve had for awhile about J2EE. But before I do, let me say this is a conference that’s worth its weight in gold. If you’re interested in lightweight frameworks, test-driven development, Agile development, AOP, there are some great, great speakers at this event. Check out the Lonestar Software Symposium event for details. The early bird deadline is Oct 17th.

So, on to the topic at hand. EJB stinks. It’s not dead yet, but it soon will be or should be. Ok, for the minority of applications where it really has applicability (all 5% of them), it might have some merit. Does that mean Java, or more specifically J2EE stinks. No. J2EE has evolved with stronger and better ideas emerging. In this case, the stronger ideas are lightweight frameworks that encourage and enable agile and test-driven development.