I really, really like Bob Obringer’s Ultimate View Navigator. After seeing it, I immediately wanted to merge the work I’d been doing with his code. To reset for everyone, I wanted to duplicate the ability we have in the Notes client to start typing, hit enter, and the view would “jump” to the closest entry in the view.

I’ve tacked this onto the end of the Ultimate View Navigator, and I call it the “StartsWith Extension”. This screencast shows you how it works and the 2 notes design elements you need to add to Bob’s sample database to include it.

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  1. Are there any caveats that wold prevent the code from working? I have noticed that nothing happens when I type in the text box. Also, pressing enter in the text box loads an empty subset of the view (the standard no docs found msg appears). I have tested the url created and found that it does appear to be properly formatted (example, if i type damien in the search box, the url becomes ?openview&startkey=damien&count = 20. However, no documents are returned.

  2. In the view set Sort: to Ascending and Type: to Categorized. This should fix your searching problems.

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