It’s been a long hiatus for the blog and I’ve built up a ton of stuff I want to write about, so I’ll start with some news. Workflow has moved to new offices in Dallas! We’re now located at 9330 LBJ Freeway which is at LBJ and Abrams, just a mile or so east of 75. Unlike the old mausoleum, the new place is smaller and it has color…lots of it. With blue and neon green walls, custom Workflow art, and a new bar, there’s no mistaking it’s…ummm….character. We’re still waiting on some new furniture and signage, but I’ve included a few pictures. Our first class (7 students in a Domino Admin class) was last week, and the Grand Opening will be around mid-September.

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  1. @Rob,

    Thanks. I hope you’ll be able to make it here in Oct. I know your schedule’s pretty rough.


    Good eyes, (or good mouseover on picture), yes that is Tad. He came to an Admin class, poor guy.


    The stippled (new word for me) paint is the creation of the amazing David McMahon. You can’t tell from the picture, but the green wall in the training room also has a design painted on it.

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