I read Lotus blogs and news pretty thoroughly. Every week I end up sending links to people I know. Since I use my own blog reader (shameless plug) that publishes directly into BlogSphere, I figured I might as well just go ahead and blog the best Lotus stories of the week. Of course, this is entirely subjective and reflects my own personal interests in Lotus. To wit, anything that provides education, new information, an announcement, or a technote in the Lotus arena is fair game. To be sure, I certainly miss stuff. Check my source reading material (right column) and if you feel like I’ve missed something major, let me know.

I’ve been fascinated by the asychronous approach to page updates for a long time. At Workflow Designs TopGun classes in the late 90s, similar techniques were taught using a hidden iFrame “backchannel conduit” approach that Steve DeVoll discovered. With the widespread adoption of the XMLHttpRequest object in browsers, and the coining of the AJAX term, these techniques are really becoming prime-time.

I wanted to put together a relatively quick screencast (4:30) to show what people are developing. With AJAX, a picture (or a movie) is worth a thousand words, so watch it and get a quick insight into how these techniques can really change the way you do development.

The following samples are shown in this screencast: [UPDATED with links I forgot]

Future screencasts will show behind the scenes workings of these demos as well as some new demos. I’d also like to do a podcast with some of the people who are publishing these leading edge techniques. I hope you enjoy this screencast, please feel free to give me some feedback on it.

After Ed’s Plazes blog entry, I thought I better claim the WFS office Plaze while I still could. Interesting combination of Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and Geo-caching. The kids and I’ve had fun with geo-caching, especially on trips to Colorado where we’ve been able to turn a road trip into a National-Lampoon-Vacation style foray to see places like the Cadillac Ranch.

I’m excited to announce the Penumbra Group will be having its Fall meeting in our offices in Dallas. This will be the first time the group has met in Texas, so we’ll whip out the cowboy hats and mechanical bulls for them, lol. One of the ideas that’s been kicked around is a public event on Thursday, something with technical sessions and vendor booths by Penumbra members. For those of you in Dallas that read this (all 3 of you), would you attend something like that? Would you pay to attend something like that?

It’s been a long hiatus for the blog and I’ve built up a ton of stuff I want to write about, so I’ll start with some news. Workflow has moved to new offices in Dallas! We’re now located at 9330 LBJ Freeway which is at LBJ and Abrams, just a mile or so east of 75. Unlike the old mausoleum, the new place is smaller and it has color…lots of it. With blue and neon green walls, custom Workflow art, and a new bar, there’s no mistaking it’s…ummm….character. We’re still waiting on some new furniture and signage, but I’ve included a few pictures. Our first class (7 students in a Domino Admin class) was last week, and the Grand Opening will be around mid-September.