Why would Microsoft buy Groove? Do they see it as a valuable technology for them, maybe. Do they want to thumb their nose at IBM, maybe that too. But nobody spends $80 million just for spite. I see Microsoft’s move as an admission that they are worried, worried about where IBM is going and the threat it poses. For years everyone has focused on the Notes/Exchange battleground, but behind the scenes, the larger war is being fought, and Microsoft is starting to lose ground.

I’d been thinking about podcasting for the last month, started to do some more research on it today, and then saw Eric Mack’s entry on Vatican podcasting. I’ve pretty much decided this is the last straw in my 18 month resistance to buying an iPod (don’t tell my wife). So of course my thoughts then turned to, “how would I feed my iPod” and I started looking at Studio Blog Reader.

Workflow will be hosting or co-hosting “Lotusphere Comes To You” in Dallas in early April. Details are still being confirmed but the date looks to be April 6th at IBM’s Luna Road facility. Unlike LCTY events in the past where most of the speakers have been Business Partners or local IBMers, IBM will be providing some of their speakers from Lotusphere. A Houston event looks like it will also be the same week, probably the day before or after. I’ll post more detail as things take shape.