I’ve been working hard to get the 0.2 StudioBlog Reader out. In the process, I decided to use Julian Robichaux’s OPML list of Lotus related feeds to test how it was working. From that list of 136 feeds:

  • 4 channels were no longer on the net
  • 2 had changed the url to their feed

Once fixed, that leaves 132 feeds. From those feeds, 34 didn’t read correctly. After examining in more detail, the code has some issues, particularly with getting subjects from atom 0.3 and rss0.92 feeds. I’ll be working on that.

But of the 34 it couldn’t read, 11 were simply malformed xml files. The malformed feeds were:

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  1. I think was only fixed last week in blogsphere – so people probably have not had a chance to upgrade or did not know it had been fixed – hence why so many give errors.

  2. Nah, it was fixed in Blogsphere 1.3.1. I am running that (haven’t upgraded to the new beta), and mine validates fine.

    Another reason to upgrade: speed improvements. Blogsphere 1.3 and greater is much MUCH faster than previous versions.

    If/when you do upgrade, make sure you open, check, and resave your Blog Configuration to get all the new stuff working.


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