Welcome to Texas Alan Bell! Alan posted a notice on his blog that he’d be visiting Dallas this week, so I invited him to come try out the national pasttime…a little baseball game featuring the Rangers and Yankees. Now I’m not in the habit of picking up random UK guys and taking them to baseball games, but hey, everybody who blogs in the Notes community is a friend, right? Hmm, on second thought, I take that back. Sara Radicatti definitely does NOT qualify for friend status in my book.

Anyway, I’m sure I bored Alan to tears with the “fundamentals of the game”, and the 7th inning stretch, but at least he didn’t melt into the pavement, while the Rangers positively did pound New York into it. I hope things go well the remainder of the week Alan, and look forward to seeing you at the Sphere in 2005!

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  1. well thanks for your hospitality Lance, it was great to meet up with you and your family, and I had a great time at the game. I will be blogging about it soon, and I am looking forward to Lotusphere 2005.

    Let me know when you are next in England and I will take you to a cricket match!

  2. Alan wasn’t able to come by the office so no, he didn’t get the “DodgePong” initiation. Speaking of that, we’re thinking of applying for Olympic competition status. After all, if synchronized platform diving qualifies….geez.

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