Friday night I was going to get back and do some more development for IPAQ. Went to enter my 4 digit password for it, and it froze up. Hmm, how to reset. I looked around and couldn’t find it. Opened the battery cover and looked under there…nothing.

I was firing up the laptop anyway, so I figured I could just look it up online….no internet connection. Drat! I’ve recently switched from ISDN (how archaic!) to DSL. My neighborhood finally got in the loop! Anyway, the equipment I’d used before had built in router and NAT, but the DSL modem doesn’t so I’ve always been switching things around from the desktop to wireless laptop, etc… Instead of tramping around the house resetting everything and risking waking up the kids, I said screw it and watched Tour De France highlights instead. Go Lance!

Oh, as for the reset…turn the IPAQ over, look for a hole on the side of the battery cover on the right side near the bottom. Hit it with the stylus, bingo!