Running a business is generally just a pain in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, having the freedom to guide an organization is supremely rewarding, but the day to day of running it can be a real drag. I’ve been working really hard for a long time to turn over things I hate to do (and may not be real good at).

I’m primarily a technologist and a people person. I like to hear what kinds of problems people are having with technology and then helping them figure out how to come up with solutions. I’m not terribly interested in setting up insurance benefits, 401K plans, and reconciling bank accounts. However, these things have to be done too. So, it is with great relief, and a little ectasy, that I’m finally feeling comfortable with how all these things are being handled in our organization. Thanks to everyone at WorkFlow for getting us there.

So what am I doing now? Working with clients. Tweaking our go-to-market strategy. Playing with new technology. Working with the team on new courseware. Writing code all night 😉