Studio Blog is now Gold

I’m finally resurfacing and have a clearer picture of some things I’d like this blog to focus on. No more 1970’s era pictures of Richard Echeandia for one thing!

Today’s focus is Workflow’s contribution to OpenNTF, the Studio Blog Reader. Studio Blog is a Notes client based Blog Aggregator. When we initially started this project back in December, 2003, I was only aware of Richard Schwartz’s which he adapted for use as the Lotusphere blog aggregator. I also discovered one that had been published awhile back, the apparently defunct Freedom Blog.

Since then, there have been some additions in the space including the Madicon reader, which I confess, I haven’t downloaded to see whether or not we should be doing anything differently with our open source application. That’s probably a good thing so we won’t get accused of anything .

Anyway, we’ve setup a blogsite for info on Studio Blog, and right now, the info is a little sparse. We’ll fill in some details, especially FAQ, as we start to get some feedback. We haven’t accomplished all the goals we had for this project, but we feel comfortable that the underlying code is solid and will allow us to add cool things in the future. At the top of my list is the following:

A “topic” profile document that will allow the owner of the database to give examples of the focus of the aggregator. Then a Bayesian filter could start “rating” stories as they are accumulated. Coupled with a human feedback mechanism that would further tune the filter, the more relevant content material would start to make its way to the top of the list. There are some other items to do, which you can see here.

Hopefully, not only will you tell us about what you’d like it to do, but also sign up to contribute. We’ve contributed the code as an OpenNTF project, so it’s open source and free to use as you see fit. If you have some nice modifications, we’d like to incorporate them.

Coming up next…I want to talk a little bit about the java multi-threaded agents in use by the app, and some other findings from the project around performance and memory. Then, I want to talk about the Brightline application server and post some thoughts about java development frameworks, particularly EJB vs. Spring/Hibernate. Talk to you soon, and hope you enjoy the Studio Blog.