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First, I’d like to thank all the people who stopped by our pedestal at Lotusphere to talk with us about the Blog Reader. While we were able to demo, we weren’t able to distribute. In addition to your empathy, you also had some great feedback for features that should be part of the reader. Below is a list of the features that we are working on to include in the first release of the reader, and then future items we’d like to see in it. I don’t have an exact release planned (since we’re working on this in our free time), but we’re looking hard at having a releasable version next Monday. So without further adieu, the feature list:

Ready Now

  • Channel creation
  • Scheduled feed update
  • UI for Notes client
  • UI for Web client

Working on for current release

  • OPML import/export
  • Moveable Type/Blogsphere integration XML-RPC capability (Click “Blog this” button to create entry for external blog tool)
  • Individual Profiles (to specify user specific settings)
  • Story Ranking (Click a rating indicator for each story)
  • RSS Feed for “Ranked” category
  • Add controls in UI for “Read cached” or “read live” from abstract summary

Future Release(s):

  • UI visibility for unread stories
  • Admin profile (settings for determining “what’s new” for Anonymous users)
  • Automated story relevance scoring (Andrew Pollock’s NCTSearch or some such device)
  • Google It for trackback threading (thx to John Rollins)
  • Capability to add comments to stories (not published back to author, just to Notes db)
  • UI for stories that others have read (ala IBM Donut project)
  • “opt in” checkbox for user’s inclusion in “stories I’ve read”
  • OpenNTF mail plugin capability (thx Bruce)
  • CSS skinning interface (I know, everyone wants their own special ui)
  • IBM Donut-like visual ranking display (can’t explain easily, go see Donut)
  • Feed agent (higher performing feed agent via threading)
  • Auto-discovery of channel info

That’s it for now. I’m off to OpenNTF to see how we submit this as a project. Hope Bruce and Nathan will still let us play 😉

One thought on “Studio Blog Reader Update

  1. Can you send me links or make links in the story for “Donut” and “Open NTF”? It’s interesting to see where you guys are going with this. I would love to chat with you about where you see this going for a group or enterprise. Sort of Blog meets Wikki meets Groove kind of thing.

    Go WorkFlow!


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